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Mexican Hot Chocolate

Epiphany is one of the most important Christmas celebrations in Mexico. On January 6, the whole family gathers to celebrate the arrival of the Magi and enjoy the traditional Rosca de Reyes (sweet yeast wreath) together. This is usually accompanied by hot chocolate. If you don't know yet how to prepare a real Mexican hot chocolate, here we share with you our preparation method.


1 liter of milk

1 bar (=250 g) mayordomo chocolate or alternatively 250 g unsweetened mayordomo chocolate.



Orange peel

Cinnamon stick

Sugar or Sweetener of your choice, if you use the unsweetened chocolate


1. Heat a liter of milk and once it begins to boil, add the chocolate.

2. Stir until the chocolate is completely dissolved. If using unsweetened chocolate, add the sugar now.

3. Whisk, preferably with a molinillo (wooden Mexican whisk), for about 2 minutes until the mixture foams.

4. Serve warm and enjoy



For a special flavor note, it is recommended to add orange zest or a small cinnamon stick to enhance the taste.

If you do not have a molinillo, use a blender or whisk to foam.

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