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VEGGI-FLAUTAS, mit pikanter Gemüsefüllung ca. 116 Stück á 30g Karton


spicy vegetable filling, 115 a 30g per case

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Content / drained weight: 3.5 Kilogramm (€12.26 * / 1 Kilogramm)

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VEGGI-FLAUTAS, with a spicy vegetable (36%) filling ca.115 piecesx30g case, frozen (-18°C) -... more
VEGGI-FLAUTAS, with a spicy vegetable (36%) filling ca.115 piecesx30g case, frozen (-18°C)

- number of pieces: 115 with 30g each
- ingredients to declare on menues:: none
- use: appetizer, snack
- packaging: 1 bag per case

- Allergens: contains: cereals that contain GLUTEN
- Recipes: regenerate in microwave, fryer, pan or oven. Put into a casserole, pour desired sauce and cheese and bake in the oven. "Western Enchiladas"
- Ingredients: dough ingredients: WHEAT flour, water, rapeseed oil sugar, emulsifier: E471, leavening agents E500, salt, acidulant malic acid. Filling ingredient: red bell pepper, leek, onions, refried Beans (black beans, sunfloweroil, onions, salt) sweetcorn (sweetcorn, water, sugar, salt), tomato paste, chilis (1,5%) ( Chili, water, salt, acidulant acetic acid, firming agent calciumchloride) in variable proportions, iodized salt, spices
- responsible food business operator / distributor / manufacturer: Mex-Al GmbH, Feldchen 12, 52070 Aachen

Nutritional information / 100g :

  • 208 Kcal /
    880 KJ


  • 4.9 g


  • 2 g

    of wich saturates

  • 35.1 g


  • 4.5 g

    of which sugars

  • 6 g


  • 0.7 g