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Mexican salsas are very popular when it comes to seasoning or refining. Try our spices for salad dressings or to prepare delicious Mexican salads. Table sauces such as Salsa Haberno Rojo or "Scharfer Genuss X-treme" should not be missing on any meat plate or Mexican dish. For cooking and seasoning Mexican dishes we recommend Salsa Enchilada (Roja) or for preparing Mole Poblano a Mole Poblano Mex-Al chocolate chili spice paste. Simply bring to the boil with the respective broth and sweeten or sharpen to taste. Last but not least, we can recommend you a large selection of dipsalsas that are suitable for various delicacies. Try Jalapeno Cheese Sauce: This slightly spicy dip sauce is also excellent for baking crisps. Or Picante Sauce Mex-Al, which is very suitable for dipping or seasoning meat dishes.

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SWEET CHIPOTLE SALSA San Marcos 320g glasjar

SWEET CHIPOTLE SALSA San Marcos 320g glasjar

2,45 EUR

incl. 7 % VAT excl. shipping costs

7,66 EUR pro kilogram

weight: 0.5900 KG

Available, enough stock

Available, enough stock

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