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Chile poblano soup with leek and potatoes

Poblano chilies are very popular in Mexico, and although they are not very spicy, they have an incomparable and very characteristic aroma that makes them unique. The reason for this is that they are roasted over an open flame to remove their skin. As a result, they acquire an unmistakable roasted flavor that is excellent in combinations with corn and rice, in stews, soups, sauces and also in mixed salads.


2 tablespoons of oil

One leek, cut into rings

600g of potatoes, peeled and cubed

400g poblano chili strips, frozen or canned (drained)

800ml of the broth of your preference

1/2-1 Tbsp of salt

5g fresh chopped coriander (1-2 sprigs)


Heat the oil in a pot and fry the leek and cubed potatoes.

Add the Chile Poblano strips, broth and chopped coriander and simmer for about 20 minutes. Season with salt to taste. Enjoy!

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