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Homemade tortilla chips (nearly fat free)

A tortilla chip, also called a corn chip, is a triangular-shaped, salted and crispy piece of corn tortilla. Traditional tortilla chips have their origins in the pre-Hispanic cultures of Mexico, where they were known as "totopochtli", a word that means golden or crunchy in Nahuatl. In Mexico, tortilla chips are still called totopos and are traditionally made from a tortilla that is cut into triangles and fried. Tortilla chips have many uses, for example, as a garnish or topping for other dishes, to dip in salsa, guacamole or to enjoy plain. Topped with cheese, tortilla chips are known as nachos.


A good stack of yellow corn tortillas

A pinch of salt

Oil to taste 


In the Airfyer:

 1. quarter tortillas. Add a little oil and mix well. Season with a pinch of salt if desired, this can also be done after baking.

 2. Place in hot air fryer at 175°C. Bake for 4 minutes, turn and repeat the process.


In the pan:

 1. quarter the tortillas. Heat enough oil in a pan and deep fry the tortillas in it until crispy. The amount of oil is up to you, traditionally in Mexico you fry in a lot of oil, but you can also prepare the chips with less oil.

 2. Season with salt and enjoy with your favorite salsa.

 Note: Don't put too many tortillas in the hot air fryer or pan at once. The fewer tortillas you pile on, the crispier they will be. We recommend frying them in several batches.

 You can also view this recipe on Bakd&Raw's YouTube and Instagram channels, where Karo Baitinger develops and shares top plant-based recipes, many of them with typical Mexican ingredients! We love it!

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