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Chilaquiles-Style Casserole

Chilaquiles are one of the most traditional Mexican dishes. They are traditionally prepared with corn tortillas, which are first fried and then simmered in a red or green tomato sauce seasoned with chile. They are mainly served for breakfast or lunch and can be topped with crème fraîche, onion rings, cheese, shredded chicken, or fried eggs.

  • 4 cans Salsa Verde, 198g*each (made with green tomatoes, tomatillo)
  • 500g cooked and pulled turkey or chicken meat
  • 200ml of cream
  • 150g grated cheese



Choose a rectangular baking dish and fill, layering the ingredients mentioned above, except fot the grated cheese. Yields about 3 layers.
Start with a layer of salsa (about 1/3 of it), then add about 1/3 of the chips and 1/3 of meat and cream. Repeat likewise for layers two and three. Finish with grated cheese on top layer.
Baking time: Preheat the oven to 170˚C and bake for about 20 min. or until cheese is melted on top.
Refried Beans make a nice complement.


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